Fake Doctor Notes

rx1Each of us find the need for a fake doctors note at some point of time. In addition to the list of available leaves, there arise a number of situations which warrant us to take leave from work. Citing reasons such as being overstressed or wanting time to unwind is definitely does not go well at your workplace. The safe and guaranteed way to obtain leave from work is by making use of fake doctor notes.

What are fake doctor notes?

The fake doctors note is a fictitious document that evidence the fact that you were sick and hence were on leave from work. When you want to take leave for reasons other than genuine sickness, you can make use of these fake doctors notes.

Getting fake doctors note

Fake doctors notes are easily available online. A number of websites dispense such notes for free or in exchange for a few dollars. A number of doctors note templates are offered and you can choose one which matches your requirements. You can then download and print the same.

Types of fake doctors notes

You can choose between free fake doctors note and paid fake doctors note. There are a number of websites that offer these notes for free and it is very convenient to download and use them. However, by virtue of being free, they are prone to extensive usage. With the result they can be easily detected as fake. Further, the quality of notepaper used on free fake doctors note is sub standard, the writing is scrawny and grainy. They miss out on the essentials like doctor’s seal and his registration number.

On the other hand, paid fake doctors notes are designed professionally giving a fine eye to detail. It is hard to detect these notes as fake. The best part is that paid notes offer customization. You can specify how you want at the time of placing the order and you will be home delivered these notes at the appointed time. For the payment of a few dollars, you can access and make use of these notes any number of times. The best part about using paid fake doctors notes is that the chances of being detected using fake notes is very remote.

The websites which dispense fake doctors notes offer a variety of notes which include dentist note, eye doctor note, chiropractor note, surgeon’s note, gynecologist note, funeral pamphlet and many more.

The legal stance on using fake doctors note

The intention of using a fake doctors note is claiming to be sick when you are actually not. So, it amounts to a fraudulent practice. Many states have framed laws which treat using fake doctors note a punishable offence. On moral grounds too, it is not deemed right to skip work by taking refuge in fake doctors note.

However, the contention of a few is that the stress and long working hours do not give them time for their personal needs; hence the compelling need to make use of fake doctors note. Use the notes with discretion and limit their usage to a minimum only in real emergency situations.